#NorthernIreland2016 Interview Series - Olwen Dawe

Thanks to Brian John Spencer, writer, artist and blogger, for featuring my contribution on the #NorthernIreland2016 interview series. The series discusses the historical context of the 1916 Rising, North and South - and individual perspectives on Ireland's shared history - past and future. The #NorthernIreland2016 interviews, including my own, can be accessed here,

The Key to Successful Partnerships

For most organisations, partnership is a central theme - either for financial or functional reasons. Increasingly, I've found myself questioning the rationale by which these partnerships effectively operate - where they might have been improved, why they are thriving or how they flounder. Of course, there are a whole series of reasons why a partnership might weaken or dissipate over time - but ultimately, in understanding the basis of successful partnership, it's possible to put effective strategies in place to manage and develop them over time, as well as spotting the signs of a potential partnership cessation. Ultimately, strong partnerships flourish when clarity exists at the outset - in

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