Blog Archive: Olwen Dawe: The Pushy, Bossy Note-Takers’ View on Gender and Entrepreneurship

This post was written for the NWCI Blog in 2013 - as the organisation celebrated 40 years of EU membership, as well as its fortieth birthday... the video "Leading Change: 40 Years of the National Women's Council of Ireland' can be viewed here. I started my business three years ago. To this day, I remember the first networking event I attended 'flying solo'. In fact, I can recall the sick-to-the-stomach edginess I felt as I stood up and 'pitched' my service - it was dreadful. Now, I am all-too familiar with this sensation - however it's a fleeting feeling when I take to a podium or chair an event - or do a live radio interview. Nerves are good, they keep you sharp. However in August 2010

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