#NoMoreGlassCeilings | OpEd for The Gloss

Written as an OpEd for The Gloss Magazine, September 2015. My story is a familiar one, like many others, I started to work for myself in the teeth of the recession – 2010 – when the economic landscape was bitingly bleak, change was constant and fear was ever-present. To be honest, I really didn’t know what I was doing – I had good experience, a degree and a smattering of other qualifications – but like so many colleagues I’ve spoken to over the years, I was fairly uncertain of what the future held. Networking, I’ve discovered since then, is key for many reasons – not least of all, when you’re a woman in business. That may appear trite, but as I uncovered in the early days of self-employmen

Blog Archive: Accelerating the Pace of Change

Writtten for the NWCI Blog - December 2014 Last year marked National Women’s Council’s fortieth birthday; it also coincided with the occasion of forty years of Irish membership of the European Union. Undoubtedly, two significant anniversaries for both Irish society and economy. Two weeks ago, the Women’s Council opened the doors to their new home in Smithfield – a home which will undoubtedly provide a welcoming platform for new and progressive initiatives and plans towards equality. As one of the speakers on the evening of the opening, I was struck by the recurrent themes running through so many of our contributions – that change comes ‘dropping slow’ and despite four decades of activism,

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