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In a bid to pull together some of the most useful business blogs penned over the past few years, I've compiled a 'rattle bag' of the top five posts - covering five issues which are recurrent themes for business and arts organisations alike. These 'fab five' (warning: misnomer!) cover bugbears which repeatedly rear their head, namely: communication, strategy, planning, funding and networking.

Hopefully these words of wisdom will inspire great things!

The Crucial Art of Communication (TweakYourBiz)

Hands-up, how many times have you heard the following statements in a business context: ‘I didn’t know they did that?’, ‘Oh, I thought they offered that service!’… or ‘I didn’t know I was supposed to do that’, ‘wasn’t that your job?’… ‘we were never told that was the plan’.

Now I ask you this: what is the central theme linking all of these statements? Read More

The Real Meaning of Strategy in Business

(SAGE Business Blog)

Normally, at this point, a blog about strategy will contain a pithy clipping from Sun Zu’s “The Art of War” … (“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” is a favourite). Read More

Four Top Tips for Effective Networking

(Sage ONE Blog)

Get the know-how on maximising your networking efforts... Read More.

Funding your SME – a simple guide

(SAGE Business Blog)

These days, there’s an ever-increasing level of interest in funding for business – not simply because our recent economic turbulence has spun-out a series of new and ambitious entrepreneurs, but also, as stabilisation continues, because more businesses are innovating new products or services and expansion projects. Read More.

Strategic Plan Implementation... The What, How, Who and When!


Following my last article, I promised I’d talk ‘nitty gritty’ and the fun and games of implementation. It can be the one thing we gloss over or simply avoid but, make no mistake, having a clear implementation plan is an absolute must in delivering strategic objectives. Read More.

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